I am Assistant Professor of Global Environment in the Department of International & Area Studies at the University of Oklahoma. My research interests are in urban political ecology, water, and the urban environmental justice in the global South. Drawing on postcolonial urban theory, my research is motivated by the goal of producing a deeper understanding of urban political ecologies from a Southern perspective.

With the majority of the world’s population now living in urban areas, and faced with the challenges of environmental change, developing a deeper understanding of the dynamic relationship between urbanization and the environment is crucial. Through my research and my engagement with my students, I seek to bring issues of social and environmental justice to the fore, and to contribute a geographical perspective on the environmental challenges of our time.

I received my PhD in Geography from UCLA in 2018. I hold a BA in Geography from University College London and MA in Cities from King's College London. I am a contributing author to the Situated Urban Political Ecology Collective and 'node' within the POLLEN Political Ecology Network.

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